We have changed our name!!

Jamie’s Company is now The Blue Gremlins. We are now offering a whole new line of Internet Marketing Services. we have also changed our online identity and branding. We know, we know, it’s a big step! Some people said we were crazy, but we’re actually excited about our new name. Not to mention, our little gremlin in the logo already has a name. We’re calling him Fred. (Remember that name. It will come into play on our new website.)

Oh, and we’re also designing a brand new website (bluegremlins.com) that will be launching October 1st. (or quicker!) If you need to reach us please reach out to us via email at sales@bluegremlins.com or support@bluegremlins.com or via our new social media platforms below. Don’t be shy!

The Blue Gremlins saying thanks